Dovolená Rumunsko - dovolená v Rumunsku levně, informace o cestování

Vše o Rumunsku, cestování po Rumunsku, praktické informace pro vaši dovolenou v Rumunsku. Zajímavosti, geografie, kapitoly z rumunské historie a mnoho dalšího.



anonym, 2015-12-04 12:54:23
Hello! I think that your mom probably did the best she could, she sodnus like she really loved you to be so protective of you. I was very sheltered too as a child, but I had my brothers and sisters to play with.Is that your grandmother? And her farm? Beautiful images of life on the farm and of your country. I have never been but have it on my list of places to visit. It seems like a very romantic place.Have a wonderful day, ElizabethI would love to have spent time on a farm.

anonym, 2015-12-09 20:45:09
Your Mother was definitely over prvtoctiee, but you seem to have come to terms with it!!! I had friends that had parents like that. It does sound like she had a hard life. I do love love love the photos. Wow, I would love to walk through those fields and mountains, so sublime. Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing this part of yourself. Hugs!!!!

anonym, 2015-12-12 01:46:24
Youre lucky to live in such a beautiful conutry. I would definitely love to visit Romania someday, just to see it for myself. I also have an overprotective mother, so I can totally relate with you and your childhood. Im glad we still managed to turn out alright though. :) [url]raijkveokeq[/url] [link]xgpudcl[/link]

anonym, 2015-12-13 20:45:43
Hi Crystal.. I just happened aorcss your blog through Petrys page my name is Liz, and Im from New Zealand.. and have just returned from visiting Romania a few weeks ago. Its wonderful to see more pictures of the place I grew to love (so quickly, I might add!) .. Sibiu and now Fagaras..Ill be following your blog Hope thats OK!

anonym, 2015-12-15 21:41:22
Yes of course, it is more then okay! I am ectixed to have people following the blog. I hope you will enjoy it and you feel ministered by it.. Blessings to you sister. [url]pxdsqhlm[/url] [link]potlai[/link]


Dovolená Rumunsko - dovolená v Rumunsku levně, informace o cestování

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